Czechoslovakia 1938 ~ 1939

German occupation of Czechoslovakia (1938–1945) began with the Nazi annexation of
Czechoslovakia’s northern and western border regions, known collectively as the Sudetenland, under terms outlined by the Munich Agreement. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s pretext for this effort was the alleged privations suffered by ethnic German populations living in those regions.

Following the Anschluss of Nazi Germany and Austria, in March 1938, the conquest of
Czechoslovakia became Hitler’s next ambition. The incorporation of Sudetenland into Nazi
Germany left the rest of Czechoslovakia weak and it became powerless to resist subsequent
occupation. On March 16, 1939, the German Wehrmacht moved into the remainder of
Czechoslovakia and, from Prague Castle, Hitler proclaimed Bohemia and Moravia the
Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

The occupation ended with the surrender of Germany following the Second World War.

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August 1939 ~ The Last Days of Peace
March {1939}

At Munich in September 1938 war had only been prevented by Britain and France at the expense of Czechoslovakia. The two Western powers saved their own skins by callously tossing the Sudetenland (and therefore Czechoslovakia’s independence as these areas contained her extensive border defences) to the Nazi wolves…


Nicholas Fleming
taken from ‘August 1939 ~ The Last Days of Peace’
[Peter Davies Ltd ~ 1979]

Resistance: The Early Days ~ Czechoslovakia

The regrouping of the moral forces of the future resistance in Czechoslovakia took place immediately after the Munich crisis in September 1938. The independent right-wing parties, as well as the Communists, expressed their will to oppose the Nazi peril. Feeling in danger, President Beneš fled from Prague in October and kept in touch with the opposition from London.


Dr Jean-Lèon Charles
taken from History of the Second World War
[Phoebus Publishing Ltd in collaboration with the Imperial War Museum]

Czech Resistance to Nazi Occupation

Czech resistance to German Nazi occupation or Jewish resistance to German Nazi occupation during World War II is a scarcely documented subject, by and large a result of little formal resistance and an effective German policy that deterred acts of resistance or annihilated organizations of resistance. In the early days of the war, the Czech population participated in boycotts of public transport and some mass protest demonstrations took place.

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